Author: StJohn Piano
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Edgecase offers consulting services and a secure publication service.

If you are interested, please contact an Edgecase representative.


- Brief Summary
- Contents
- Services
- Notes
- Future Developments


1) Consulting

Edgecase can produce:
- Software
- Software recipes
- Software testing reports
- Plaintext renditions of books or documents
- Public key identity documents
- Contracts
- Wills

Measured in hours. Edgecase may subcontract portions of the work, but the final editing will always be done in-house. The final result will ideally be a single text, perhaps with some associated files.

2) Proofreading and copyediting of texts

Measured in hours.

3) Examination of texts for possible publication on Edgecase Datafeed

Measured in hours. For a text to be accepted for publication, Edgecase must believe that it is worth preserving. Technical material should be worth preserving for at least 10-20 years and non-technical material for at least 100-200 years.

4) Typesetting of texts for publication on Edgecase Datafeed

Measured in hours. The result will be a datafeed article. Any associated items (e.g. code files) will become assets of this article.

5) Blockstamping

One-time fee.

The article's hash will be included in an Edgecase Datafeed checkpoint article. Some bitcoin is then transferred to the Bitcoin address derived from the hash of the checkpoint article. This timestamps the existence of the checkpoint article and all the articles linked to it. The timestamp is permanently valid, even if the article is later depublished. Preservation of the article and its corresponding checkpoint article will allow verification of the timestamp in the Bitcoin blockchain.

The hash of any associated asset is embedded in the article, so that the assets are also timestamped.

6) Publication and hosting

Annual fee based on data size (bitcoin / byte / year). If the fee is not paid, the article may be depublished, unless Edgecase believes that the reputational gain from keeping the article online outweighs the cost of hosting it.

6) Bitcoin software

Edgecase has developed software for securely storing Bitcoin offline on paper. This software is paywalled. Edgecase has also developed recipes that demonstrate how to use this software. These recipes are not paywalled. Please see the following page for details:
How to store bitcoin


- Services 1 and 2 can of course be performed by non-Edgecase providers.

- If Service 2 has been performed by a non-Edgecase provider, Service 3 will include a proofreading pass.

- You can purchase a particular number of hours. If the project is not completed within this number of hours, the intermediate results will be sent to you, and you can then decide whether to continue, to stop, or to employ someone else (who can then start from the intermediate results).

- If you employ someone to produce a text, it is advisable to list them as the author. Authorship ideally answers the future question "whom should I initially consult about this item?". An accurate record of authorship also indicates the skills possessed by particular authors, making it easier to select authors for further work. Your name will be placed prominently as the commissioner of the article.

- Edgecase defines a "text" to be any sequence of printable ASCII bytes.

- Further definitions:
-- Another term for "text" is "string".
-- A bytestring is a sequence of ASCII bytes. These are usually handled as printable hex digits.
-- A byte is an octet.
-- An octet is a sequence of eight bits.
-- A bit is a binary digit, with a value of either 0 or 1.


- Edgecase plans to expand the paywall system, allowing annual royalties for items that you publish on Edgecase Datafeed. Currently, the paywall system only applies to certain items produced by StJohn Piano.

- Edgecase plans to construct a comments system. Comments will include the article hash. Comments will include the hash of the comment to which they are replying. Comments will be signed by Edgecase Datafeed. Comments may be signed by the author. Edgecase will charge for the examination of comments for publication. Edgecase will probably waive any fee for hosting, as comments must be preserved so that further comments remain intelligible. Comments may be commissioned like any other text. Edgecase considers comments to be scholarly edits that should be written as carefully as an article.